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Pudi Ravi relaxing at home on a sofa

Good design is simple, elegant & empowering.


I specialize in digital product design and user experience. I ensure a positive impact of design on business and customers.

I love nurturing young talent and mentoring the next generation of designers. I am super fun to work with.

I have a Master's in Design from IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. I worked for Cognizant, Microsoft and Intuit earlier.


I have a keen interest in the arts and like to call myself an ‘Artist’. See my works at


Good design is functionally simple, aesthetically elegant and emotionally empowering.

A crow against a green background


Good design is clever. It is well thought through and reflects intelligence. It feels effortless and easy to use.

A pink flower


Good design communicates meaning. It aids cognition and appeals to our aesthetic sensibilities.

An eagle flying in the sky


Good design helps achieve our goals. It complements our natural abilities. We feel accomplished and valuable.

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Journey so far

Two decades of learning
A timeline of work experience
One decade of leading design
A timeline of work experience


A designer is an engineer, artist, photographer, cartoonist, writer, movie enthusiast, and much more.

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