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A Consumer-grade User Experience for Capillary

Redesign of a flagship product which earned client goodwill and increased profitability

Capillary helps brands with customer retention and loyalty. Capillary has SaaS products for retail marketers in the fashion, jewellery, and food & beverage industry. The business need was to make its core product offerings self-serve which enterprise retail brands can learn and adopt quickly.

A tea kettle

The product was to be made self-serve so marketers can run campaigns by themselves. Photo Margaret Jaszowska on Unsplash

The team synthesised the design principles to aid learning and increase adoption. They used inductive text, infographics and simple interactions to make it easy and intuitive. Below is a presentation of the process, planning, execution and learnings.


  • Delivered a consumer-grade product experience for Engage+ which received a Net Experience Score of 8/10 from 150 enterprise brands and increased profitability for Capillary.

  • Increased profitability by improving the service operations efficiency.

  • Defined a uniform design language named Haiku for all Capillary products. It enabled a uniform and consistent experience across all 5 product offerings of Capillary.

I nurtured a multidisciplinary team of 10 designers with expertise in user research, interaction design, and visual design who helped build consistent product experiences across all five products.



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